Safety Guidelines for Upcoming Walks

Hello Valley Vagabond Members

After almost 3 months, we are once again planning walks.  We encourage you to hit the trail with us and of course we will abide by the CDC, State and County/City regulations and these requirements are for both volunteers and participants. 

“Be Safe” details! 

  • To ensure social distancing, we will start registration no earlier than 9:30 am and allow no more than 10 individuals in the registration area.  Please remain in your car until space is available. 
  • Wear a mask during registration and stay 6 feet from those in front (family groups are permitted to stay together).
  • Carry hand sanitizer and/or wipes for registration and sanitary concerns along the trail. 
  • Bring the correct change or check ($3.00 per person)
  • Bring your own pen to sign in. 
  • Leave the registration area after registration and/or book stamping (to walk or to car if waiting).
  • Present your registration number (on the instructions) at any water/check point. 
  • Be aware there will be checkpoint(s) but no finish table. 
  • If you have a cough or temperature, please do not attend.
  • A mask is optional while walking if keeping your social distance. 

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