Fortieth Anniversary Thank You!

Valley Vagabonds will be celebrating its 40th anniversary on June 13 provided virus restrictions are lifted.  At this time, our club would like to thank those who made this accomplishment possible.  First to all of the walkers in the United States and abroad who have participated in our walking events.  A special thanks to Tater Tours who brought bus loads to the Berea Downtown, Conneaut and Cleveland Cultural walks.  Over the 40 years, there have been thousands who contributed to making Vagabonds viable. Without their support at the events, there would not be an anniversary.  Thanks! 

To the long term club members, I want to thank our charter members Karen Birt and Beth Filina.  Both have not only been officers but have continued to work with the events over the last 40 years.  To Wilma Fuelling who supports our club through her dues since 1994 even though living in Indiana.  To our past officers whose work during their terms kept the club going – Jan Weeks, Kim Paras, Eloise Plavney, Betty Schmiermund and Richard Kolofer.  Our long term present officers Richard Gundelach, vice president, Carolyn Yarnell, secretary/trailmaster and Donna Baker, treasurer, have stayed the course these last 10 plus years insuring that the club had successful events and continued while other clubs folded.  To our long term webmaster, Jason Jodon, despite moving to Pittsburgh, has continued his staunch support to insure the website is in excellent condition.  To our Round box coordinators who insure that when you walk our Seasonal or Year Round all information is there: Vicky Heineck, Jan Henderson, Eric Halverson, Katherine Ganz, Carol Gundelach, Carolyn Yarnell, and joining this team, Luanne Johnson and Nancy Burkholder.  Special thanks to our previous coordinators Claire Petrich, Betty Schmiermund, Jan Varnon, Sandi Stowers, Nancy Dial, and Colleen Theusch, who was also our number one walker for many years before passing.  To all of our event helpers who worked either start or checkpoint not previously mentioned which include Bea Schaefer,

Cynthia Lee, Gene DeZort, John and Christine Wheeler, Elaine and Joe Federico, Kathy Halverson, Derrik Weeks, Bob Schmiermund, and Tom Dial.  To Ed Pfadt a special thanks for his continued recruiting efforts over the year to bring members into our club.  To the members who have come long distances to make our events over the years – Marilyn Harness, Scott Price, Ed Pfadt, Bea Schaefer and Cynthia Lee.  A special thank you for his continued support and our oldest member whi is 91, Gil Melda and his companion, Elaine Fedor, who insured that Gil made the events. 

It goes without saying there are members who support the club and walk the events which continue to make the club viable – Nancy and Henry Mast, Andrea and George Aussant, John and Joann Moritz, Lois Hite, Edwin and Gisela Moore, Tom Wisnieski, Marilyn Toth-Nasal and Marguerite Walczak. 

Without the businesses support our club would not have the Seasonals and Year Rounds for walkers to enjoy.  A big thank you goes to CVS Pharmacy in Berea, Markko Vineyards and Arnie Esterer in Conneaut, Renassiance Hotel in Cleveland, Dave’s Cosmic Subs in Cleveland Heights, Little City Grill in Kent, Lakewood Main Public Library, Einstein Brothers in Chagrin Falls, and Oberlin Hotel Inn, plus added this year Rite Aide Pharmacy in Orrville, Mansfield Public Library and Wooster Public Library. 

For a club to be successful and reach this type of anniversary it takes a village and our community has a village of dedicated walkers and businesses.  Thank you!  

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